'extrastereo' is a moniker that I've used since the mid-nineties for art projects / DJ club nights & t-shirt design.

UK artist designed limited edition T-Shirts. Created by Nathan Carter.

Clippings, photographs, ephemera, letters, trinkets, souvenirs, stickers, stamped images, doodles, printed media, records, artwork

  • Triangular shaped extrastereo - rubber stamp logo

    Scrapbook inspired

    I like little bits of glassware, ashtrays with inscriptions, plastic things on pencils, bits of mass production

  • Found imagery - Medieval era black & white line drawing of a group of religious looking men with flutes

    Found imagery

    I collect, I reject -
    Photographs I took of you -
    Towns that I passed through -
    I´ve got to have a memory

  • Found imagery - Black & white line drawing of a group of three unsure looking women holding bags with question marks next to each of the three women

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